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Automotive Industry

Project Management

The automotive industry has come a long way in their manufacturing processes, particularly with the wide range of attention given to mass defects. Like many other industries, the need for manufacturing auto components inside cleanrooms has become pronounced. Pressure, temperature and humidity are just as important to these rooms, like others that are typically designed in the cleanroom classification range of ISO 7 and ISO 8. The defects that can occur in automotive are vast, including glass coatings, electrical components, and painting.

Therefore, cleanrooms with a controlled, clean environment are the basis to keep pathogens and other airborne particles to a minimum. By measuring atmospheric contaminants, Automotive cleanrooms are able to provide a set environment in which airborne particles are kept to a certain PPC (particles per cubic meter) reliably and within the ISO grade of that cleanroom. As example, ISO 9 cleanrooms are the lowest level of “clean” at 35,000,000 PPC.

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