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DEAXO 24#7. Take us at our word.

DEAXO -  24/7. Take us at our word.

Regular checks of the supply systems help to maintain the quality of the system and ensure safe, trouble-free operation.

In doing so, we are guided by the currently valid standards and manufacturer specifications, as well as the individual requirements of our clients.

We are always and everywhere there for you.

DEAXO service – 24/7:

  • Plant modernization
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Building management including changing bottles and containers as well as operation of supply and process systems
  • Support for accredited test centers with regard to acceptance and risk assessment
  • Service checks for systems requiring monitoring, certifications, etc.
  • Support in the creation of fire protection concepts / shutdowns / scenarios
  • Training and education

In addition, we offer a professional risk analysis of your system based on the applicable technical standards.

  • Commissioning of the systems according to the state of the art and the safety regulations
  • Performance tests
  • Support of the plant operators
  • Plant optimization


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