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We create turnkey high technology infrastructure for microelectronics, pharmaceutical, solar and chemical industries
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LED, Solar and Optics industries


Lenses of smartphones and the high end lenses of professional cameras are manufactured using cleanroom technology. Lens manufacturing requires strict particle contamination cleaning and controls as well as humidity and temperature control and vibration isolation protocols.


With a solid growth, the solar energy industry is developing into an extremely promising global market. Solar cells are essentially semiconductors, conveying electrons from one place to another.  As the industry continues to expand and costs continue to drop,  just as the semiconductor industry has pushed for smaller and thinner geometries, so too will the solar industry. As silicon is expensive there is a want to cut the wafers thinner to generate more revenue and less waste.

The environment during the production process is strictly controlled. To avoid contamination or mistakes which result in high cost we make sure the design meets the highest environmental standards.

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