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We make it right
We create turnkey high technology infrastructure for microelectronics, pharmaceutical, solar and chemical industries
Rene Chalmakoff
Zur Wetterwarte 50
01109 Dresden

Telefon: +49 351 850744-0
Telefax: +49 351 79587832

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Quality Management

Our goal is to have satisfied clients, who can rely on the quality of our products and services. We achieve this by providing the client needs at the center of our thoughts and actions and by implementing continuous improvement processes and the implementation of corrective measures to eliminate sources of errors detected.

The care of the awareness of the quality and environment as well as work safety and protection of health of our employees is an integral part of our corporate vision.

This is ensured by means of our management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 in both companies, Dresden and Moscow.

We care for a continual improvement of our own standards and regularly check that:

  • the necessary financial and structural requirements are met
  • all employees are integrated and are well informed
  • responsibilities have been clearly defined
  • relevant legal responsibilities and other important requirement have been taken into account
  • relevant aspects and data are regularly ascertained and checked
  • resources are used sustainably and efficiently
  • our products contribute to increased client satisfaction through quality, safety and efficiency
  • our suppliers give a similar high importance to the topics of the quality management system as do DEAXO

TUEV Certificate Russia

TUEV Certificate Moscow