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Berendsen, Moscow

DEAXO Project Berendsen Moscow

DEAXO Project Berendsen Moscow

In 2016 Berendsen LLC has engaged DEAXO as General contractor and work executer according to GMP standards for one of the biggest cleanroom laundries.

We proudly present the quote of Christian Riegels Hjorth, General Director of Berendsen LLC: “On Behalf of Berendsen LLC I would like to express my gratitude for our trustful cooperation. Under the contract for „Turnkey solution“ DEAXO has performed in the required quality, budget and time line.”

INME RAS, Moscow

DEAXO Project INME RAS Moscow

DEAXO Project INME RAS Moscow

DEAXO has been the first company that executed a fast track turnkey semiconductor project for Institute of Nanotechnologies of Microelectronics of Russian Academy of Science successfully. 5-month-execution time for 800 sq.m Cleanroom ISO class 4-7 inclusive all of the process facilities systems. Tested, Qualified and Started-up.

A. N. Saurov, Member of RAS: “Design, project management, supply and installation of the main utility systems as well as the hook-up of the process tools have been performed by your company on the high engineering level in the circumstances of the challenging schedule and tight budget of the project”.

We successfully executed Design, Installation, Test & Qualification for:

  • Cleanroom ISO class 4-7
  • Ventilation and Exhaust for Cleanroom and Facilities
  • Process Systems (Process Cooling Water, Compressed Dry Air, Process vacuum, Bulk/Special Gases, Ultra Pure Water, Waster Water Treatment, Exhaust Treatment)
  • Chilled Water Supply
  • Automation and Controls
  • Gas detection system
  • Hook-up of the Process tools together with the total Project Management and work packages for Civil, Architectural, Structural and Electrical.

NeoPhotonics, Moscow

DEAXO Project NeoPhotonics Moscow

DEAXO Project NeoPhotonics Moscow

Dmitry Morgun, General Director of NeoPhotonics: "Being engaged in the project as a general contractor responsible for design and construction of cleanrooms and utility infrastructure DEAXO has shown operational excellence and adherence to the state-of-the-art engineering solutions.”

The accomplished packages are:

  • Cleanroom (design, execution, test & qualification)
  • UPW (design, execution, test & qualification)
  • Waste Water System (design, execution, test & qualification)
  • N2 and Specialty gases (design, execution, test & qualification)
  • Ventilation and Exhaust (design, execution, test & qualification)
  • Process Cooling and Chilled Water (design, execution, test & qualification)
  • Power Supply (design, execution, test & qualification)
  • LSS and Automation (design, execution, test & qualification)

That was a challenging but exciting job in close cooperation with the team of NeoPhotonics.

Penang, Malaysia

Our customer in Penang, Malaysia is a worldwide known high-tech semiconductor company. It is specialized in technological development and in the manufacture of high-quality products in the fields of laser systems and sensor technology.

The tasks of the DEAXO team were the hook-up planning and installation of 8 MOCVD and 10 other process tools.


  • Creation of process flow diagrams based on tool requirements
  • 3D planning and space management coordination
  • Material and test specifications
  • Value Engineering


  • Hook-up installation of 8 MOCVD`s and 10 further process tools
  • Process cold water, HP and UHP gases, compressed air, exhaust air, electrical, MSR incl. qualification and documentation
  • Coordination of the construction site and quality management

We are proud, that we completed the work before the deadline and within the agreed budget.