We make it work,
We make it right
We create turnkey high technology infrastructure for microelectronics, pharmaceutical, solar and chemical industries
Rene Chalmakoff
Zur Wetterwarte 50
01109 Dresden

Telefon: +49 351 850744-0
Telefax: +49 351 79587832

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Team and Management

DEAXO - Teamwork, Quality, Responsability

Our Employees about the DEAXO team


A team for all people means a group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job, or project. The DEAXO team is something different… It is a group of people with special skills, a lot of experience, common general ideas and wishes to complete a successful project. For us — colleagues are close friends. Colleagues are our joy, our support and pleasure. We challenge each other in life and in work, and build each other up. In the centre of our philosophy is the sharing of knowledge.

Company has employees with different age rate

It means a young specialist with full energy goes alongside with a wise and experienced specialist, who can steer in the right direction. Mix of experience, wisdom and wider knowledge of our grown-up colleagues and energy, readiness and innovativeness of our young professionals makes our company successful in all projects.

We are in step with the times

Our point is that times are changing and the technologies are necessary to change with them. We are always moving with the times and working according to the most current standards and regulations. We think, that the company can not survive unless it constantly adjusts and adapts to changing times.

International Company

Multicultural workforce brings different personalities and experiences together, which help us to see the situation from each side. By sharing the best practice from our European and Russian colleagues, we apply local norms and standards.

Employee's continuous training

In our company we arrange regular and weekly trainings for the employees, as it is known, that continuously educated staff is able to recognize weaknesses in existing workflows and opportunities for change and disruption.