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DEAXO Complex solutions.

DEAXO -  Complex solutions.

Despite its high level of complexity and precisely because of the unshakable demand for innovation, the chemical industry usually produces at an enormous pace of development.

We offer competent solutions and services from the design to the construction of sustainable production and processing plants. Our team understands the requirements and has a lot of experience in the implementation of projects in new construction, conversion or production expansions.

We ensure safe and economically sustainable operation of your production and implement your projects professionally, on budget and on schedule and according to the latest technical standards.

With organizational strategy and tactical project execution, the necessary degree of coordination between all actors is provided to create even the most complex production systems.

DEAXO relies on software specially developed for process engineering. In combination with the experience and competence of our specialists, who specialize in the chemical industry, this represents a guarantee for effective and economical work.


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