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DEAXO Quality assessed.

DEAXO -  Quality assessed.

In every phase of a collaboration, DEAXO strives to analyse the respective situations correctly together with the customer and then defines conclusions and goals for the optimisation of the task at hand. We are proud to be able to rely on our vast experience and work with proven methods of industrial engineering.

Our goal is to constantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of existing processes and to reduce the use of the resources required for this. But the customer process and the product requirements always remain the center of attention.

Our services:

  • Risk analysis
  • Analysis and feasibility study
  • Technical analyses
  • Value engineering
  • Budget and quality control
  • Optimization studies
  • Energy and media savings
  • Documentation for system qualification and validation

We optimise processes for our customers and check both existing and new facilities. Our expert know-how combined with a strong partner network enables us to come up with new, cost-saving and ecological solutions in all sectors and branches of the economy.


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