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DEAXO Innovations for the energy revolution.

DEAXO -  Innovations for the energy revolution.

In order to bring about the urgently needed energy transition and to leave our descendants with a clean and intact environment, the use of renewable energies for the sustainable generation of electricity and heat must be promoted more.

Since the production of renewable energy using solar and wind power fluctuates seasonally and depending on the weather, electricity storage systems form the bridging technology of the energy supply. The transition to electromobility that is taking place in road traffic also requires modern, high-performance energy storage systems.

Extensive production plants for the production of correspondingly powerful battery and capacitor storage systems are therefore currently being planned and built.

As an alternative to fossil fuels, hydrogen will play a key role in the energy transition. With a view to new value creation potential and future-proof jobs, hydrogen technologies offer great opportunities.

These areas require the highest safety standards and a lot of know-how in production.

DEAXO understands the most demanding projects and supports the design and installation of innovative systems. We have very detailed expertise and experience, up to 750 bar high pressure applications, in the hydrogen industry. Our focus is on ensuring all environmental and process requirements and maximum plant safety.


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