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DEAXO That’s us.

DEAXO -  That’s us.

Our team

Only with a strong team, clear communication and the desire to constantly develop can we achieve top performance in an environment in which we really feel comfortable. We are happy to bring in new perspectives and ideas for the efficient realization of customer requests.

Our focus on teamwork, trust and developing the individual strengths of our employees helps them to push boundaries and constantly expand their skills. Together we achieve results that connect today with tomorrow.

The cooperation of experienced employees and ambitious junior staff is a guarantee for the success of our projects. We combine experience with knowledge and innovative strength with commitment.

DEAXO - Dr. Torsten Thieme, CDO

Dr. Torsten Thieme


Dr. Torsten Thieme was appointed Chief Development Officer (CDO) of DEAXO GmbH in January 2021.

He is a board member of the association "Silicon Saxony e.V.", responsible for the topic "Smart Systems".

DEAXO - Dr. Uwe Hillig

Dr. Uwe Hillig


Dr. Uwe Hillig worked as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at DEAXO until the end of 2022. From the beginning of 2023 he supports the company as member of Advisory Board (ADBO) in strategic issues, as well as in the further development of projects and processes.

DEAXO - Ino Quass

Ino Quass


Ino began his career in the semiconductor industry in 2001 after completing his degree in mechanical engineering with specialization in technical building services at the TU Dresden, Germany.


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