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DEAXO Future. Rethought.

DEAXO -  Future. Rethought.

DEAXO is one of the leading German companies for the design of facilities and process facility systems for the semiconductor industry. We have detailed expertise and our management has decades of experience in the semiconductor industry.

As a reliable partner, we support you with our services as a designer, EPCM or EPC. Our focus is on ensuring all environmental and process requirements as well as optimal yield management.

In addition to the technical requirements, the deadline and financial requirements of our customers are also taken into account. Our processes are coordinated with each other in the lean management standard and can therefore be optimally implemented.

In the hook-up process, our team enables production equipment to be installed and commissioned within a strict schedule.

  • We ensure established quality assurance processes for both new construction and expansion of your production facilities.
  • We guarantee comprehensive support for our customers in all project phases, from planning through installation, testing and qualification to commissioning.
  • We also provide support in process implementation, hook-up, ramp-up and process optimization.

LED and optics industry

DEAXO - Results. Razor sharp.

n no other area are clarity and insight so decisive for the market as in the LED and optics industry.

Smartphones are often purchased because of a high-quality camera. Consistently high quality can only be guaranteed in production if production takes place in an extremely clean environment and is carried out perfectly. This is the only way to avoid particle contamination and thus ensure high quality.

In order to produce an excellent high-end lens, it requires correspondingly strict control of humidity, temperature and vibration isolation. All of this is taken into account by DEAXO during planning.

DEAXO is one of the leading German companies for the planning of infrastructures and systems for the LED and optics industry.

Photovoltaic Manufacturing

DEAXO - The future is green.

The silicon obtained from quartz sand has gone through several production stages before ever thinner, micrometre-fine wafers can be cut from ingots. The industry is experiencing tough competition for material-friendly processes, returns and efficiency.

The manufacturing process of solar cells, in which the semiconductor silicon used reacts to the sun's rays, will become even more important for global trade in the future and will be controlled more closely accordingly.

This applies to both contamination control strategies and environmental controls. In order to avoid costly contamination or errors, we pay attention to ensuring the highest environmental standards when designing the systems.


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