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DEAXO Ino Quass

DEAXO -  Ino Quass
DEAXO - Ino Quass

Ino Quass


Ino began his career in the semiconductor industry in 2001 after completing his degree in mechanical engineering with specialization in technical building services at the TU Dresden, Germany.

He has held various positions in a number of companies, and was involved in design and construction of the first 300mm fab for processors based on copper technology. 

In 2011 he expanded his knowledge by completing a General Management Program at the HHL (Handelshochschule) in Leipzig. 

In 2012 he shifted the focus of his activities to Asia, first China and then Malaysia, where he was involved in a wide range of projects in the semiconductor and solar industry. 

Together with René and Andy, Ino starts in 2020 to found and develop DEAXO Sdn. Bhd. in Penang, Malaysia. 

Ino holds the position of a Chief Operarating Officer (COO) and is in charge of all technical and other questions of everyday project life.


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